1.   Quy mô, tốc độ tăng trưởng và các yếu tố thúc đẩy tăng trưởng của thị trường logistics Trung Quốc: 2
2.   Các điểm nhấn trong năm 2019. 6
2.1.    Trung Quốc đặt mục tiêu thành lập 30 trung tâm logistics quốc gia vào năm 2020 và tăng lên thành 150 trung tâm vào năm 2025. 6
2.2.    Áp lực cải tiến logistics đô thị (urban logistics) của Trung Quốc  7
2.3.    Trung Quốc đẩy mạnh logistics xanh. 8
2.4.    Trung Quốc phát triển vận tải đa phương thức. 9
2.5.    Các hãng hàng không giá rẻ (LCC) của Trung Quốc tăng tốc mở rộng trên thị trường quốc tế. 10
2.6.    Thị trường kho hàng thông minh ngày càng phát triển tại Trung Quốc. 11
2.7.    Ngành chuyển phát nhanh của Trung Quốc đã chuyển tổng cộng 60 tỷ bưu kiện vào năm 2019. 12
2.8.    Logistics chuỗi lạnh phát triển nhanh tại Trung Quốc. 13
2.9.    Ngành logistics thông minh sẽ phát triển rất nhanh tại Trung quốc  14
3.Dự báo năm 2020: 14

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Explore our solution

With +20 years of establishment and development, we are confident to bring the most effective and optimal solutions!


Through training activities, consulting, coaching

  • Support enterprises and schools to apply modern logistics management and supply chain management principles to the actual work of the organization, practice innovation, outstanding efficiency;
  • Helps individuals equip new knowledge and skills to work more effectively, receive professional qualification certification according to practical competencies, that correspond to internationally recognized professional standards.


Through research, construction and operation of new business models under the principle of "O2O Commerce"

  • Support manufacturers and service providers to bring their products to domestic and international markets through online trading platforms;
  • Support corporations or groups of companies to practice revolutionary transformation from traditional, discrete business models to integrated digital supply network (DSN) models.

Who is this solution for?

Strategic advice for leaders of agencies and businesses

  • Logistics training for leaders
  • Strategy consulting activities of transport and delivery;
  • Consulting warehouse operations strategy - distribution;
  • Strategic consulting for whole supply chain operations;
  • Consulting using Transport Management software (TMS);
  • Consulting on using warehouse management software (WMS);
  • Consulting using Supply Chain Management (SCM) software;
  • Consulting using a Process Management System (BPMS).

Strategic advice for school leaders

  • Logistics training for school leaders
  • Consulting, developing, transferring training program for CLC Logistics;
  • Strategic consulting to improve students' professional skills;
  • Consulting programs to improve faculty capacity;
  • Technology Transfer Training - Practice.

Training for employees / workers

  • Short-term professional courses (20 programs)
  • Advanced Advanced Courses (Data Analysis, Planning, Purchasing, Sales, Distribution, Marketing, ...)
  • Online Business Courses (Purchasing, Sales, Services) Logistics program according to ASEAN standards (AFFA)
  • World standard logistics program (FIATA)
  • Supply Chain Management Advanced Program (FIATA);
  • Aviation Aviation Major (CI) professional course;
  • Specialization course in Dangerous Goods (DG).
  • Advanced Practical Course: Operating Systems Applied Technology in Logistics.

Training for students

  • Short-term / long-term professional courses in logistics (FIATA, AFFA,…);
  • Short-term / long-term professional course in Aviation Services (CI);
  • Short-term / long-term professional course on dangerous goods (DG);
  • Soft skills training courses, career development plans;
  • Practical course: using software in logistics activities.

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