Global Logistics Management Institute (GII)

Logistics Moving The World. It can be said that more than 50% of the logistics industry’s job is to transport, all goods, all countries, all vehicles, serving anyone, in peacetime as well as in wartime. Calculated, efficient, value-creating transportation will make the world a better place – Logistics’ role, especially in the present era.

Vietnam – The Country of Logistics! Over 4000 years of history, Vietnam today has a favorable geographical – economic position with the East being the largest maritime route with 2/3 of global trade value, the West being the rear. In the long run to the countries with full development potentials, the two ends from the South to the North have large plains that are good for production and life.

Vietnamese people are logistics people. Most people in Vietnam know the sentence “Hundred of them a house”they have the quality of connection. Harmonious multilateral economic, political, cultural relations, and human resources of tens of millions of young and intelligent people add conditions that could not be better than hundreds of years to keep stability in the country. , while taking on the role of “international connector” – that is the great meaning of logistics in Vietnam.

We need a lot of effort. Logistics plays a great role and comes with strict requirements on expertise, time and resources. Therefore, logistics is not simple and it always requires non-stop efforts, 247, 365, continuous thinking and action – anytime, anywhere to bring goods, documents, information with services across national borders, multiple means of transport, many technical barriers and tariffs, many cultures … Expertise, dedication and effort – you will succeed with logistics.

Please come with us – Global Logistics Management Institute (GII).

Based on an understanding of the market, Vietnamese customs and culture, GLI builds the most suitable application and transfer models to serve buyers and sellers, connect supply and demand, and make goods circulate. faster and cheaper between Vietnam and other countries. GLI also implements digital transformation solutions for businesses, especially Logistics businesses. We share all of our knowledge and experience with colleagues, businesses and training schools to grow together sustainably.